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Rutgers University Camden Survey

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Survey Graphs
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On this page we post results from several surveys taken.  

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Statistics about: 
Business Attire 
Extra Curricular Activities    
Employment Status     
Graduate School     
Career Center     
Career Goals    
Interview Skills   
Raptor Net    
Job Fair


Internship/No Internship

     While internships are available for all students in college regardless of grade level, our research showed that mostly seniors were the only students who took advantage of the opportunity. The lack of participation in an internship shows that either students are not aware or not willing to partake in an internship. Internships can be extremely valuable to a student as it exposes them to a chosen career field and can be a stepping stone to future employment along with being a valued addition to a resume.


Identified Network

    While sixty-six percent of students have identified their network that number is disappointingly low because every student has a network, they just have not been exposed to what a network is or taken the time to sit down and think it through. For example student athletes, students involved in Greek life and other organizations all have people within their network that could lead to business contacts that they are simply unaware of.


Extra Curricular Activities

     Just over half of the students surveyed participated in extra curricular activities whether it was sports, Greek life, or other student organizations. We feel that it is necessary to participate in extra curricular activities because it not only helps you gain contacts and expand your network, it also gives relief from the stress of schoolwork and makes you a more well rounded person and enables you to fulfill your college experience.



Employment Status

     For some, the collegiate workload leaves little time to do anything else. Our research indicated that only fourteen percent of the students were unemployed while the rest held either a full-time or part-time job. For most students the financial burden of having to pay for college forces them into working. It also gives them the experience they may need for a future career after graduation.



     Resumes are important as they put into words why you are fit and qualified for a job. While there are many different types and ways to write a resume, they are all consistent in the sense that everyone should have one if they plan on entering the business world. While seventy-seven percent of the students have resumes, it is never too early to begin to develop one. Freshman may feel it is unnecessary to have one because they may not be applying for a job in their career field at a young age, but should still begin to develop a resume and build upon it throughout college. It may also motivate people who do not have much on their resume to join organizations or volunteer or engage in any activity that can add “meat” to their resume.


Identified Career Goals

     When we were younger we all had aspirations to be firefighters and astronauts and professional athletes. As life goes on and reality sets in, we realize those childhood dreams are not always attainable, but we can begin to identify and develop realistic career goals early in college. It is important to identify your career goals because it sets forth a path and motivates students to take the necessary steps to achieve their career goals.






Raptor Net

     Another tool that can be found from the Career Center website is Raptor Net. Raptor Net Provides job networking for students in all areas of study and career fields. Much like the percentage of students who have visited the Career Center, we would like a much larger amount of students to be aware of Raptor Net and not only have the knowledge but have made use of what it has to offer.





Attended a Job Fair

     While only fifty-eight students said they have attended a job fair, we feel it is necessary for all students, regardless of grade, to have the experience of attending a job fair. For juniors and seniors it takes a more serious tone as there are strong possibilities for future employment while for freshman and sophomores they can get acclimated to the process and how to effectively navigate a Job Fair so that when the time comes they are prepared to be successful.


Business Attire


Our research indicated that ninety-two percent of students who participated in our survey were equipped with proper business attire. Business attire is essential when it comes to interviews and portraying a positive image for employers.








Identified Network Numbers

     This graph simply illustrates the range of people in each student’s network. Although it is not shown, the majority of the student s who had a network of thirty-one people or more were seniors. This could simply be a result of being older and meeting more people and gaining more contacts throughout their college career.






     Volunteering is a large part of being socially responsible and giving back to the community. Fortunately, a large amount of the students who took the survey have participated in volunteer activities. This shows that students at Rutgers Camden are committed to giving back to the community. Much like internships, volunteer activities are another strong addition to a resume as employers look to see candidates who have gone the extra mile to make a difference.


Graduate School

     A testament to students striving for a continued education beyond graduation here at Rutgers Camden, just about half of the students said they would attend graduate school. While graduate school is not for everyone, these students are showing the willingness to further their education to become very attractive to employers when the job search begins.



Resume Critiqued

     Much like a student would proofread a paper before handing it in to be graded, you should always have your resume critiqued. It can be a professional opinion much like the ones available at the Career Center at Rutgers Camden, or it could be from someone in a related field that you are applying to who may be able to highlight certain areas employers are looking for and fix the scope of the resume.












Visited Career Center

     Rutgers Camden provides a career center that offers students all the tools necessary to be successful in their career search. Such programs as mock interviews, resume critiques, etiquette classes are just a few of the ways students can prepare for their job search. While sixty-five percent of the students have indeed visited the career center, we would like to see that number much closer to one hundred percent. Regardless of whether you are a freshman or a senior, the career center provides useful information for all grade levels that need to be taken advantage of.


Student Interview Skills

     We were happy to see that eighty-three percent of students felt they had adequate interviewing skills but we also felt that this question was based more on personal opinion rather than proof. There is a difference between feeling that you have adequate skills and actually have put them to the test through interviewing seminars or workshops, or an actual job interview itself. There are certain do’s and dont’s that employers look for and it is important that students are aware of them.