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Rutgers University Camden Survey
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This is the conclusion of the Independent Study


Attire, Resume, and Visited Career Center

            This is our final graph and leads us into our conclusion. We feel that while it shows the students who have proper business attire, a resume, and have visited the career center, it also shows the students who indeed are prepared to enter the business world. As students at Rutgers Camden, we felt that these were the three main ideas behind career preparation. Of course there are other important aspects to being prepared, but we used these three points to show that just about half of the students who participated in our study were prepared. As former students of Dr. Rabinowitz’s Career Management and Planning class, we were aware of and prepared for the steps needed to be taken to enter the business world but not every student had that opportunity. While the class was a management elective, we feel it should be a prerequisite for all students across all majors at Rutgers Camden. Career Planning should not be limited to Business School students and should be exposed to all students including freshman who may not realize they are only a few years away from having to begin their career search.